Margaret Gel’s Discount Whorehouse (y Carnicería) is officially closed. I’m not going to pretend that I know when it was first started, but it was something like November 23rd, 2023. Ostensibly, it lasted a long time.

I have closed this for a few reasons that I’d like to make public.

  1. A.I. Art has moved so far ahead of me that I genuinely cannot keep up, nor do I want to. People have come to me and told me that I was the one who got them started in this, and they have all gotten better at this than I am. Most of them were better than me a month after they got started. I simply do not have the tools to continue to do this, nor would I even continue this, as, to put it quite simply, I don’t feel like fucking around with this anymore. There’s largely no point left to it, either, as everybody else is better than me at it.
  2. In America, the thing about hosting porn is that it’s both very expensive (I’m beginning to pull something like a gig per day of traffic, and sometimes it gets really bad), and the laws are constantly changing. At one point in time, Rotten dot com had porn on their website. The laws changed, and they had to remove it. (At some point, a site called “The Gaping Maw” had bestiality on it, if I can remember correctly. That had to be removed.) My problems are much less than theirs are, and mine are entirely not self-inflicted. I have no desire to catch a lawsuit or something because the hillbilly politicians in Yankeeland have decided that anime tiddy is verboten. Already, Pornhub is illegal in several states, though those laws are being overturned by judges in their right mind(s). All it would take is one judge not in his right mind, and I don’t need that kind of trouble right now (as I’m currently taking care of my mother, who has cancer).
  3. I have no great desire to be a ‘pornographer’. It’s not exactly that I fear the public, nor fear being in the public eye. I am nearly 40 years old and my life is changing, and I am more-interested in being left alone and not raising the stakes of my life by presenting unprotected loose ends that other people can pick up. I want to grow tomatoes, fix electrical issues, and become more fit. I have no great desire to give people things to jerk their fucking dicks off to.

If this disappoints you, I understand. I, too, have often asked why artists would pull down all their work, and I know the pain of losing some of these things. I don’t want that for you.

Occasionally I’ll probably get a ‘wild hair’ (Gods, I hate that term) and post some of it again. Keep in mind, however, that, in my time, I generated over 100,000 images. Some of these, you may never see again. Others, perhaps.

That’s it.

The other thing is, the Coppermine Image Gallery system seems to draw lots of fucking robots, and boy do they want inside my server’s ass. No thanks, Samuel!


Margaret Gel’s Discount Whorehouse (y Carnicería)
~October 28th, 2023 — July 6th, 2024 (252 days)


One thing, more than anything, that I want to say, is that I fell behind because pornography is the thing that leads technology in the human world. If you’re not killing each other, it’s sex. It’s this.

And I knew that. I knew that. And I wasn’t interested in it. I am not interested in trying. I have tried too long, and I have gotten not the distance that I expected. I will not try anymore.

I would have had to prostitute myself to even get anywhere, and even those people got nowhere. I’ve watched the rise (and fall!) of sexual V-Tubers, these people who are, pretty much, going from emotional prostitutes to just regular-ol’ prostitutes. And while there’s nothing wrong with being a prostitute (believe me, I’ve been there), I don’t intend on selling anything of me, ever again.

And that’s what this is. It doesn’t help that my first image that I made, it got stolen, and the person got 7,000 followers off of it. Those should have been for me.

But it never was. It never happened. And, now, posting all of this porn, there’s no point to it.

God help you if you’re anyone who draws anything but the biggest-titted women imaginable. They’re so after lolisho artists that there was porn I did, hentai I made, where the woman had normal-sized breasts, and wide fucking hips, and I was afraid to post it because you never fucking know who’s going to come to take your head off because they think that everything anime is ‘loli‘.

I guess that’s sad. But I wanted to see the inside of this— this was but another mountain that I wanted to climb.

And now I’m here. Or, rather, I was there.

On to something else.

Or maybe not!

Addendum 2: I wrote this as I was going through the website, and, damn, I actually made some good fuckin’ art.

Still, it’s going down.

I don’t fuckin’ need a gig being pulled from this server every single day.

Before you say, ‘well, why not accept money for it?’— again, don’t wanna become a pornographer. Think about the laws that America has set up. I don’t want MasterCard up my ass.