Margaret Gel
Margaret Gel (age 31, by @JinuSenpai)

I’m just a little guy, trying to get Americans to realize that they’re not alone in the universe.

Right now, I’m trying to get First Contact over and finished with. UFO and Space Aliem Disclosure; err’thang.

Who is icze4r?


I have done a lot of things you are probably still angry about.


  • Got banned from the Sailor Moon community for opposing an adult grooming minor girls (~1995 or so)
  • Met a bunch of animators and pretty much somehow made the animation crisis of the 1990s a lot worse
  • Was famous on the first human social network, Arcadium (~1996-1997)
  • Inadvertently(?) Destroyed the Marathon game community following a few key (now deceased) old dudes threatening sexual violence against a male boy child (circa 1999)
  • Returned from living on a space alien colony ship (1999)
  • Between the years of 1999 and 2005 I was largely dormant and not online, due to real-life turmoil. I watched Sailor Moon a lot, though.
  • Got threatened by three (3) GMs in World of Warcraft for reporting a woman(?) who was grooming a minor boy (~2007?)
  • Genuinely made Chanology worse (~2008)
  • Caused trouble, in general, on World of Warcraft (~2003-2009)
  • Got on Twitter (Sin #36763) (October 18th, 2009-present)
  • Got falsely perma-banned on Twitter, and then, after a week, received a written apology from Twitter (2011)
  • Somehow summoned the NCMEC and the FBI to Twitter, through mass (correct) reports to Missing Kids, after Twitter’s little problem with CSAM (~2012?)
  • Directly insulted and humiliated a major Twitter shareholder (stakeholder?) after he sexually harassed a female acquaintance of mine. This led to him saying that I ‘would never be Verified’, and is probably the reason why I never got the check on Twitter. (~2013 or so)
  • Co-opted and otherwise worsened GamerGate (on purpose) (2014-2015)
  • Continued making Twitter worse, on purpose, for fun (2015-present)

I think that’s pretty much it.

Cool and Good Things I’ve done

  • In 2014, my father and I had this idea for a fundraising effort. I called it The Space Angels. For about 3 years my friends and I online raised lots and lots of money for people’s GoFundMe’s. At one point Bailey Jay even helped me with the Stefán Karl Stefánsson GoFundMe. That was fun.

    In any case, over the years, we (not including Bailey Jay on all of this: just the Stefán Karl Stefánsson thingy) raised something like $333,333 that I could track (I stopped writing things down after the first year, because I found it too ‘prideful’.)

    I haven’t been able to fundraise anymore since then, due to lack of engagement. But I reckon that, before my time was up, I had raised something like maybe $4 million, total, since 2014.
  • In my free time I protect, rehabilitate, and feed aminals. For example: this year, 2024, I rescued a Queen Bumblebee, and fed her until she regained her strength and could fly away and start a new colony.

    I also regularly protect and occasionally feed mama birds, who I have encouraged to build their nests on my house. So far, it’s working: I have something like four or five nests on my house this year. (Birds don’t suffer casualties like in the wild, when they build in an area where I can guard against predators.)
  • I’ve saved a lot of people’s lives. For 20 years I did my level best to protect kids from online predators, by reporting things online (grooming, especially) to the CyberTipLine.
  • I once saved a kid from getting hit by a bus, and I’ve personally saved the lives of nearly all of my family members, at least once. That’s my crowning achievement.

Career-like things that I’ve done

  • I used to translate Japanese comic books. I stopped after too many people wanted to (aggressively) argue with me over whether or not the main villain from Guilty Gear was to be translated a certain way. I didn’t need my life clogged up by nerds.
  • I used to translate Japanese video games. I stopped after getting death and rape threats from nerds. Not because I was scared; but, why continue? Why throw pearls before swine? My work has been ‘re-translated’ in recent years— amounting to people changing about three words, and then taking all the credit for my work. I’m still pissed about that.
  • I’ve been involved in machine learning / A.I. generation algorithms for about 11-12 years. It’s a hobby.
  • As a child I worked in the video game industry, programming physics engines for truly terrible video games that honestly did not deserve them. I stopped at about the year 2002.
  • My current job (one I’ve held for something like ~12 years now) is something akin to a civilian quartermaster, or Master Chief. I handle logistics.

Career Achievements

  • Assisted in preserving equipment and computing technology during the Great Chicago Flood, at Illinois Bell (I was 4, lolz)
  • Received an award for ‘literary excellence’ for my first short story, published when I was about 4-5
  • This section left purposefully blank.
  • Resuming when I was about 35 or 36, I was asked by the Internet Archive to write an article for them. I did.
  • I keep on showing up in interesting places. Like this, for Fight for the Future. (I show up in another letter like this, but I cannot find it right now.)
  • I wrote a blog post for the startup, Polywork, but it seems to be gone now.
  • I got Verified on (Rest in Power, kings), and I got a song note next to my name on YouTube.
  • Reached 30,000 followers on one account, and had, at one time, over 100,000 social media followers. (yippee!)
  • Got asked to work at Facebook(!).

What the tanuki doin’?

As of this writing, June 5th, 2024, I’m currently serving as a caretaker for my mother, who has cancer. As this is a lifelong thing (she has a very rare form of cancer, multiple myeloma, that cannot be cured; but its symptoms can be treated), this is pretty much what I’m gonna be doin’.

I’m interested in getting back to the Ship.

Oh, that’s right! I didn’t tell you! I got abducted by space aliens when I was about 4 years old. That’s why I’m so obsessed with space aliens.

That’s why I’ve written three books about them.

Just google ‘icze4r’, the books will be right there.

I don’t feel like making a full section for them, right now.

You can see a brief write-up about them here.

Other things that I do not want to mentally sort right now

I had been involved in VTubing since like 2013, when you could do it only with FaceRig. Now FaceRig has transmogrified into Animaze or whatever, and it’s garbo software. How times change!

I stopped VTubing a while ago (maybe 2022 or so?), but I started making music videos. I really liked them, but I stopped uploading them to YouTube, because I did not really want to press my luck with copyright, and I largely felt like I wasn’t doing something truly transformative.

I used to do Let’s Plays, but that era is over. It felt stale and I was losing subscribers.

I used to do quite a lot of things.

Now I don’t.

I hope that I eventually do some of them again.